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Performer since age four. Writer since age seven. CEO of Record Label at 15. Rose Cora Perry is the former frontwoman of major label signed act Anti-Hero and has performed in front of audiences of over 500,000 at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals and conferences. Not simply a musician, but an artist driven to make a positive change in this world: Perry’s message is one of hope, inspiration and connection with others through the universal language of music.

In 2010, Perry launched her critically acclaimed debut solo album, “Off Of the Pages” and its associated non-for-profit foundation, MusicSaves, which aims to impart onto troubled youth the healing capacity of music.

2016 marks the triumphant return of Perry’s musical efforts with the highly anticipated worldwide release of her sophomore solo album, Onto the Floor. In conjunction with the album’s release, Perry has formed powerhouse trio, The Truth Untold featuring the exceptional local talents of Jeremy Sieberer on Backing Vocals/Bass (Partners in Health) and Tyler Randall on Drums (Blind Mag/Swerve).

Rose Cora Perry has three visions she hopes to achieve as an artist:
1) to inspire   
2) to provoke thought   
3) to relate

This is her music…

What is your favourite song of all time?

“Benjamin” by Veruca Salt. As VS are my fav band of all time, it goes without saying that I basically love everything they do but “Benjamin”, in particular, has always struck an emotional chord with me. It starts out so delicately with Nina’s voice and solo clean guitar, then gradually builds in dynamic with Nina and Louise’s signature harmonies and ends with an epic instrumental breakdown. AWESOME!

Can you remember when you fell in love with it?

I would’ve been a wee dame of only 13 years when “Eight Arms to Hold You” (the album on which “Benjamin” is featured) was released! While I’m always on the lookout for new artists from which to draw inspiration, there is something to be said about tunes that strike you in your formative years staying with you throughout your life. I absolutely love this song just as much now as I did then.

Has a song or album ever changed your life?

ABSOLUTELY! I think Alanis’ “Jagged Little Pill” spoke to not just me but practically every pre-teen/teenaged Canadian girl growing up in the 90s. Both aggressive yet delicate, angry and vulnerable, it’s a beautiful piece of art and self-expression that really captures the female rock sensibility: lyrically, melodically and production-wise. Listening to “Hand in My Pocket” , “Ironic” or “You Learn” always makes me self-reflective and grateful for all that I have. I think what makes this album so special is that it’s so full of heart. Alanis unabashedly says what’s on her mind and you know what? I can totally relate and that right there is the power of music.

If you could only listen to five albums for the rest of time, what would they be?

Hmm well if I absolutely HAVE to choose five, I’d want some variety. It likely goes without saying that Alanis and VS make the list. I’m also a HUGE Steven Tyler fan and for good measure I thought I’d throw in some celtic and jazz 😉

Alanis: “Jagged Little Pill”

Aerosmith: “Get A Grip”

Veruca Salt: “American Thighs”

Loreena McKennitt: “The Visit”

Norah Jones: “Come Away with Me”

How much of your day do you spend listening to music?

As I’m currently preparing for the release of my sophomore solo album, right now a CONSIDERABLE amount of time. If I’m not listening to the works of others for inspiration or to warm up my voice, I’m listening to my own tunage to commit my lyrics to memory.

In general, when I’m at home, I like things to be pretty lowkey and quiet so I don’t tend to have music blaring…unless I’m cleaning the house. I am however a huge fan of putting down the sunroof and opening all the windows in my car and having my music cranked as I drive long distances in the summer. I’d say I probably listen to music most often when I’m driving – either to relax or hype me up depending upon what the day calls for.

What’s your ideal time and place for listening to music?

Place: LIVE (anywhere)! Live shows are the best! Being able to not just hear but feel the music and experience the artist’s emotions as they pour out their hearts is such a beautiful and touching thing. You feel like you’re part of it because you are. You’re connecting with them. Each experience like that is entirely unique. I’ve been privileged enough to see many of my biggest influences perform. I am deeply inspired by those experiences and hope to be able to equally touch people with my own live shows. As far as time? Well that all depends on when the show is taking place!

What’s the best gig/show you’ve ever been to?

Seeing flames shoot out of the “Rock’n’Roll Train” as AC/DC performed “T’N’T” on their Black Ice tour was pretty damn badass. Being a foot away from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as they rocked out back-to-back was so overwhelming to me I could barely stand! Witnessing Jon Bon Jovi and crew perform a barebones acoustic rendition of “Dead or Alive” proved just how truly talented they are. Meeting Veruca Salt and being able to share my discography with them was a moment I’ll never forget.

BUT, the best shows are not simply about the artist, it’s also about the performance and I’ve had the amazing opportunity to play with/attend gigs for some incredibly talented indie bands that gave it their all. What makes an awesome show, in my books, is connecting with your audience and giving them a performance they’ll remember. Often times, it’s the acoustic and intimate settings that better allow this than stadiums.

Approximately how big is your music collection? And in what format?

I’m old school. I still have a TON of cds. In fact, I’ve bought every VS album about five times over cause I’ve scratched them so much from overplay. I have converted a lot of my music to mp3 format just for the sake of convenience of playing it in my car but I still very much love having something tangible when I buy a new album.

I want to experience the lyrics, the artwork, the excitement of opening the package. I don’t think it quite translates the same way when you simply download the tunes. I don’t think people quite listen as intently.

What does music mean to you?

Music – it’s life, it’s love, it’s sadness, it’s happiness, it’s misery, it’s elation – it’s a universal way of connecting with others. Even if you can’t understand the words, you can still feel the emotion of the melody. Music has allowed me to heal, to grieve, to become stronger and wiser, to be able to help others. It’s my lifeblood.

What song should we all go and listen to right now to make our day better?

The Salteens: “Nice Day” Enjoy! Courtesy of fellow Canucks!

To learn more about Rose Cora Perry, her band The Truth Untold and her upcoming highly anticipated sophomore solo release, “Onto the Floor”, check her out on social media:

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