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Kelly Ogden from The Dollyrots Interview


Kelly Ogden has been the lead singer in The Dollyrots since 2000 and the duo have just released live album Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles. If you want to know more about them, here’s her advice: “You can find out about all things Dollyrots at Say “HI!” on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @TheDollyrots and we’ll probably say “HI!” back. If you make it to a show… we like hugs.”

This is her music…

What is your favourite song of all time?

Ohhhh, that’s a tough one. Be My Baby by the Ronettes is definitely up there at the top.

Can you remember when you fell in love with it?

I was watching “Dirty Dancing” even though my mom said I wasn’t “old enough” and it came on and hit me as an amazing song. Her voice it just magical.3. Has a song or album ever changed your life?I guess on that same note the soundtrack for the movie “Dirty Dancing” is pretty epic. I had never really paid attention to that era of music (60’s American pop). The melodies and harmonies over simple chords = perfection.

If you could only listen to five albums for the rest of time, what would they be?

Oh yikes…

  • Clash – London Calling
  • Against Me – As The Eternal Cowboy
  • Nirvana – Unplugged
  • Cowboy Junkies – Trinity Sessions
  • Teenage Bottlerocket – Total
  • Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

(I’m not letting myself overthink it!) (No! I can’t count!)

How much of your day do you spend listening to music?

It’s kinda weird but it depends where we are in the record cycle, I don’t like to listen to much music when we’re writing or recording because I want the ideas to be mine, from deep inside. Not accidentally something I heard earlier in the day. When we’re working on other things a lot of the day is spent listening to music though.

What’s your ideal time and place for listening to music?

While cooking, bathing, driving, eating, working… anywhere!

What’s the best gig/show you’ve ever been to?

We jumped the fence at Stubbs BBQ for an Iggy Pop concert during SXSW and it was epic. I think the whole evening was a night to remember but jumping over the Red River, hopping a fence and landing backstage, trying to play cool and then running into the crowd was just exhilarating. If you’ve never snuck into a show I highly recommend it. 😉

Approximately how big is your music collection? And in what format?

We’ve tried to simplify our life and pare down our possessions so at this point it’s pretty much digital with the exception of a few choice LPs. I have no idea how big it is… I don’t think it fits on a 64 gig iPod.

What does music mean to you?

It’s changed a lot since I started making it. When I was younger it was my mood enhancer of choice. I had an album for everything. Concerts were almost religious experiences and I spent all my money on CDs. Now it’s my art, my job, my casual companion and still of course a mood enhancer. But I hear it differently. It’s a little harder to just listen without feeling like I’m analyzing something.

What song should we all go and listen to right now to make our day better?

Joey Ramone – What A Wonderful World

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