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CJ Wildheart is best known as the guitarist for Brit rockers The Wildhearts, but has also been in Tattooed Love Boys, Honeycrack and The Jellys as well as releasing three great solo albums. The most recent of these, Robot, is currently riding high in the UK album charts and is definitely worth a listen. He also makes some very hot sauces, if that’s your kind of thing…

This is his music…

What is your favourite song of all time?

That’s a really hard one because my taste in music is always changing and I like just about all styles of music. I have too many favourite songs just to have one favourite but if you were to place one of my digits in a cigar cutter and looked at me with intent in your eyes I suppose I would have to say Ma And Pa by Fishbone was a favourite back in the day, although this year I’ve listened to Fok julle naaiers by Die Antwoord a lot so it’s my new favourite song of all time today or maybe even just this afternoon…you dig?

Can you remember when you fell in love with it?

Who didn’t fall in love with Fishbone in 88…I mean come on what’s not to like?!

Has a song or album ever changed your life?

No, never, but lots of people have.

If you could only listen to five albums for the rest of time, what would they be?

God you’d get so sick of these albums that it would be like torture after a while. I need the endless choice folks have today at a click of a button but if you had my testicles in a vice and you were screaming in my ear for me to choose I suppose it would most likely be.

1) Descendents – All

2) Die Antwoord – Ten$ion

3) Satchel – The Family

4) Sepultura – Arise

5) Cardiacs – A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window

How much of your day do you spend listening to music?

I became a father for the first time 18 months ago. When I’m not being a father, recording new music, working on my chilli sauce brand, cooking, cleaning, mucking out the chooks or being a husband I try and get some sleep. To be honest I normally listen to music when I drive and I listen to a lot of dance music…it chills me out. On the rare occasions I have a few hours to kill I watch movies…I like the moving pictures a lot.

What’s your ideal time and place for listening to music?

See above. If you can’t lift you tired eyes to see above it’s in the car when I’m driving.

What’s the best gig/show you’ve ever been to?

There’s too many to mention but if you had me in a headlock with a pencil to my eyeball forcefully demanding an answer I suppose I would have to say Cardiacs at the Marquee club in 1987/88 either year they were at their best then.

Approximately how big is your music collection? And in what format?

When I do listen to music I tend to listen online or from a hard drive and I do not play CD’s anymore. I’m not very nostalgic so I do not have a music collection so to speak. I got rid of most of it a long time ago when I moved back to the UK. As long as I can hear the song I do not care what format it’s on and I even like MP3’s I love new technology and embrace the future with open arms.

What does music mean to you?

Music was my first love and it will be my last. Music of the future and music of the past to live without my music would be impossible to do in this world of troubles, my music pulls me through.

What song should we all go and listen to right now to make our day better?

F.U.B.A.R from my new album ‘Robot’. It will pick you up and spread you like peanut butter jelly. (ED – there isn’t a video for F.U.B.A.R on YouTube so watch the title track instead, then go and listen to the whole album!)

As you can tell from some of my answers I have a rather light hearted approach to music and to be honest some people take music far too seriously. As long as it makes you happy who gives a flying F what you’re listening too although I draw the line at Prog Rock that’s just shit.

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