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Amy Jones runs Hooked On The Music, the place to find the newest reviews and artists you should be listening to, along with a few lifestyle posts from time to time, just to change things up a bit. Come and see, you might find a new favourite artist while you’re there.

This is her music…

What is your favourite song of all time?

My favourite song of all time would probably have to be ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ by Green Day.

Can you remember when you fell in love with it?

After playing it for the first time – every part of that 9 minute song means something to me and I discovered Green Day when I was about 9 years old, so it’s a song that’s always stuck with me.

Has a song or album ever changed your life?

Yes it has – ‘Angels & Airwaves’ by Angel Haze helped me a lot when I was in some dark times and made me realise that those feelings don’t last.

If you could only listen to five albums for the rest of time, what would they be?

My 5 albums would be:
Out of The Wasteland – Lifehouse
Back To The Woods – Angel Haze
American Idiot – Green Day
Baptized – Daughtry
Pageant Material – Kacey Musgraves

How much of your day do you spend listening to music?

Depends what I’m doing – most days I spend all day listening to music, but if I’m at home spending time with my family, I usually wait until everyone’s gone to bed as I’m not disturbed.

What’s your ideal time and place for listening to music?

That’s a tough one, I have two! It would be when I’m running, as I can focus on the music and the perfect beat can keep me motivated. Other than that it would be when I’m just in my room on my own as I can dance around.

What’s the best gig/show you’ve ever been to?

For me, it would have to be going to see Lifehouse. I saw them at the end of last year in London and it was a bucket-list gig for me.

Approximately how big is your music collection? And in what format?

I have a huge collection of downloads – nearly 1200 songs. I also have a whole big draw of CDs that I’ve kept over the years, probably adding up to about 150.

What does music mean to you?

Music means a lot to me, as I’ve grown up with it and it’s a part of my everyday life. It helps me to be productive when I’m doing work or a good song can help change my mood in an instant.

What song should we all go and listen to right now to make our day better?

You should all go and listen to ‘Letterbomb’ by Green Day – it’s a high-energy, guitar heavy song that makes me feel so happy after listening to it. There’s a bit of bad language and swearing in it, so be warned.


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