The Wildhearts – Caffeine Bomb


The song that first introduces you to one of our favourite acts is always going to special for you and that’s the case for me and Caffeine Bomb. I’d never heard of The Wildhearts before I bought a double cassette compilation by Kerrang! magazine but that tape introduced me to all kinds of amazing bands, and one of the songs that stood out from my first listen was this one.

Quite simply, it didn’t sound like anything I’d ever heard before. It flies along at a hell of a pace, with Ginger Wildheart’s vocals barely keeping up with the riffs and the drums, the words all running into each other like more than a few caffeine bombs had been exploded in the studio during the recording. But the lyrics are far from throwaway, they’re full of the humour and wit that characterises so many great Wildhearts songs.

And for such a fast song, it manages to be incredibly catchy, burning itself into your memory from the first listen, earning the band their first Top 40 single and a Top Of The Pops appearance, where the breakneck speed of the lyrics helped them get away with the ‘shitting brown water’ line uncensored. It was the first track recorded with long-term drummer Ritch Battersby and was added to the reissued version of debut album Earth vs The Wildhearts in 1994.

Caffeine Bomb remains one of their best known songs and an essential part of any Wildhearts gig. And it will always be a song that changed my life.

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